Voice Work Testimonials

Voice Work can help people in all industries utilise, care for and manage their voices effectively. These people used Voice Work and had the following to say about our services...

'I contacted Kelly as I wanted to bring in some training for sales presentations and pitch delivery. Kelly dealt with all areas of note excellently, including specific advice and training to individuals.'

Managing Director, IT Company
Lancashire / June 2018

'I initially contacted Kelly as I wanted to be able to speak more loudly with a stronger voice. I speak to undergraduate/ post graduate student groups of various sizes and in different size classrooms/ lecture theatres. I wanted to learn more about getting and keeping their attention and having more of an impact and authority. 

I have valued exploring the potential of my voice which is greater than I had understood. I have potential for greater voice volume and I would like to continue exploring my potential to enhance the interest and tonality so that I can express in a way that is authentic for me.

I am continuing to practise and feel more confident in my voice. I understand more about how to access the potential of my voice and I would be interested to arrange further sessions as well. 

I have valued all aspects of my work with you, Kelly and the way in which you have worked with me. I would not wish to change any aspect."

Senior Lecturer, University in Lancashire
Lancashire / November 2017

"One’s voice is a tricky thing as, in many ways, it is invisible and taken for granted – until it lets you down. But we all know that how a thing is said is a massive factor in how that thing is understood and perceived. On that level our voice is recognised as important. However, most of us know far too little about how to access the mechanisms of our voice, the tools that can make its use more impactful, and how to look after our voice in times of greater need or when it fails. Having attended a session run by Kelly Anne Sharp I now feel far better informed about how I can access some valuable tweaks to technique that will support my use of voice in teaching and in other work settings. I look forward to putting these into practice in the coming term. I would recommend spending time with Kelly Anne to anyone who wants to be a more effective communicator – in any field. "

Magnus George, Senior Teaching Fellow, Lancaster University
Lancashire / September 2017 

 "I've gone through various presentation skills workshops in my time. They all have their uses. But my session with Kelly Anne was more use in one hour, than all the other sessions put together. This is because Kelly Anne focuses on the root problems, rather than tinkering around with stylistic detail. 

With a handful of simple exercises, Kelly Anne made me immediately address key issues in a way that I could draw on quickly when presenting. It made me realise how much work must have gone in to preparing for the session."

Jane Dalton, Groundswell Innovation 
Lancashire / September 2017 

 "I have met Kelly Anne in 2016 and invited her to join our group of Entrepreneurs in Residence at Lancaster University. A while after joining Kelly Anne delivered a passionate and knowledgeable session on how to use your voice. The session was well received by other entrepreneurs and the active exercises to alleviate stress in our voices have stayed with me. Thank you for highlighting the need to pay attention to our voice. "

Ricardo Zozimo, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Lancaster University
Lancashire / September 2017 

"The course helped me work outside my comfort zone in a safe environment and practise with the range of my voice. I have gained a significant amount of knowledge and resources to help me continue making improvements as I carry on with my practice." 

Julie Childs, Senior Manager in Education 
Lancashire / August 2017 

 Voice coaching is great for those with teaching roles and practicing the delivery of presentations

"My voice felt tired after a long day of teaching. Through improving my breathing, using my voice properly and more efficiently, Voice Work helped me minimise strain."

Christopher Menez, Lancaster University
Lancashire / March 2017

"I came to Voice Work following a media training session at the University, and a referral from a friend who had also had voice coaching with Kelly Anne. As a young academic in an often vocally demanding position, I wanted to improve my lecturing style and public speaking early on into my career. I felt I needed more voice strength, authority, and really needed to slow my pace down in lectures. Kelly Anne's voice plan addressed all my objectives and soon helped me to realise that I was being very hard on myself. I already had many of the skills I sought and Kelly Anne helped me see I just needed the confidence to use them. I am now more embracing of my voice and I find the warm up exercises very useful for teaching. 

Further work with Kelly Anne will be to focus on my public speaking skills.''

Kathryn Toghill, Lancaster University
Lancashire / January 2017

Presentation - Promoting Healthy Voices In Business

"As soon as I met you, I wanted to hear more! You have a gift, Kelly Anne - share it!"

"Really useful and helpful tips on how small things can make a massive difference to your voice."

"Have heard Kelly Anne speak before and got yet more great information from her in this talk. Really interesting topic. I enjoyed the vocal exercises you do, please put them in the next one again!."

"I enjoyed the 'releasing exercise' and learning how to look after my voice."

"Can't believe you fit so much useful information in such a short space of time! It was excellent."

NatWest, Preston, Well-Being Event attendees feedback
Lancashire / June 2016

Feedback from an engineer...

"I had just got a promotion and wanted to develop a stronger voice with more power and authority for presentations and meetings. I also wanted to improve my self-confidence and voice in general to feel more comfortable in my new role. I now feel that I am much more able to do all this and project myself confidently and with authority. Plus I am enjoying my new role and practicing the voice exercises with my family who have been very supportive."

Engineer, Anonymous
Lancashire / June 2016

A lawyer booked a course of sessions this summer to help strengthen their voice to speak well for longer and reduce vocal fatigue. Here is some feedback from their sessions...

"I have definitely improved here, with the exercises we talked about, I haven't felt as much tension when speaking and when I do feel tension, I know how to deal with it to improve things. Fatigue has also improved as well... I am also much more aware of how to reduce speed when I am speaking and enjoying practicing my voice skills whilst reading with my children."

Lawyer, Anonymous
Lancashire / June 2016

" Kelly Anne offers professional and fun voice coaching sessions whatever your speaking or singing goals. Voice coaching is a very personal experience and Kelly Anne makes it feel safe to push your boundaries. Offering a combination of great knowledge of how the voice works and very practical exercises, Voice Works does what it says on the tin ... your voice really does work better afterwards!"

Debra Davies, Leadership and Personal Development Coach
Lancashire / December 2014

"I can highly recommend Kelly Anne Sharp to any business professional that presents to customers face to face or over the phone. Over a series of weekly clearly structured lessons I was able to understand and implement the voice techniques. Kelly has subsequently worked within the Esse Engineering Ltd organisation helping officer based and field based representatives to communicate better with customers. Helping staff to improve their communication abilities gives them skills that they will keep for a lifetime. If your organisation has a team of telephone or face to face communicators, Kelly can help."

Mark Blewitt, Director, ESSE
Lancashire / March 2014       

 Voice coaching is great for teachers professional development and CPD

"I have found the Voice Work sessions extremely useful. Kelly has been very helpful in identifying areas to develop and the sessions have had a positive impact on my professional development. I am now much more confident with regards to my presence and the use of my voice at work. The advice given has been indispensable. Thanks, Kelly!"

Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT), Secondary School
Lancashire / August 2013

Presentation - Your Voice Is One Of Your Most Valuable Tools In Business

"Thought the presentation by Kelly was very interesting and thought provoking."

"Kelly highlighted a few things that I know work, but sometimes think we forget on a day-to-day basis. It made me re-think."

"A very good talk which really makes you think about how you promote yourself and how you can improve it."

"I have benefited from today's speech as I have learned that talking with a smile even over the 'phone, helps you come across more friendly. I am also going to practice some of the relaxing tips when I make calls to some clients."

Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, 'Women In Business' attendees feedback
Lancashire / May 2013

"Kelly is really helping me to find my authentic voice. After years of believing that I could never actually enjoy presenting, working with her has shown me this belief is just not true! Thank you for your valued, professional yet human service, it is so appreciated."

Dr Fiona Randall, Contextual Awareness, FRC 
Northwest / August 2013

"I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Kelly. They have been very useful, both in helping me with voice control and also in presentation work. I feel much more confident now when I am speaking in public and I will absolutely recommend Voice Work in the future."

Anonymous, Holistic Therapist
Garstang / April 2012

"Kelly is a great trainer. She understood my needs clearly and worked around these. I was very impressed with the flexibility and her focus on detail shown. Will recommend her to any entrepreneur or anyone who needs to deliver a message."

Levent Yildizgovern, TTC wetranslate Limited (formerly TTC Language Services Ltd.)
London / October 2012




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