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Using Your Voice Regularly? Learn Voice Care

8th October 2018

Voice Tip 

This post is to get you to think about what you use your voice for on a daily and regular basis. There are many people who are in very obvious voice use positions such as; voice over artists, actors, broadcasters, professional public speakers, and those in teaching positions and these people can struggle to last through the day with their speaking voice and think this is okay. It's not okay for your voice. If you fall into this category, without help, your voice can get into alsorts of problems and potentially create problems for your career. Other people use their voices quite a lot in their work or during the course of their hobbies, and don't really realise it until they lose their voice due to something like a nasty virus, or just overuse, misuse or even 'abuse'; the latter refers to using your voice, too often, too loudly and too much! 


Learn How To Use Your Voice

Take some time to consider all the speaking you do in your days and weeks, follow these voice tips and contact me if you would like more specific help.

For more information on the services I offer in relation to this or other posts, please contact me to book your Voice Work Consultation. 

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