What Gear Is Your Voice In?

Discover Your Voice Workshop - Saturday 27th July 2019, 10am - 4pm (Full details in post below)

What Gear Is Your Voice In?

I am running a new, introductory voice workshop, 'Discover Your Voice' very soon. Over the last couple of days, I have been wracking my creative writing brain to come up with a good way to help people decide if this is a useful workshop for them, instead of just writing a list. I wanted something that helps people have an ‘Aha! That’s for me!’ moment and jump on the 'phone to get in touch. Today, I went to do my Day 25 of the ‘Body Groove Challenge’ and Misty Tripoli’s challenge writes:

‘Imagine for a second if you owned a really expensive sports car, like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. What if when you drove this car that you never took it out of first gear. That you kept your speed to less than 20-30 miles per hour? Wouldn’t that be a waste of the car’s potential, the things it could do?’
I had my own ‘Aha!’ moment. Don’t you just love it when that happens!

What Gear Is Your Voice In?

This course is an introduction to discover the potential of your voice, and to work towards it's next gear. Firstly, it is important to understand that your voice is fine as it is. Voice coaching is for those who WANT to take it up into the next gear.
Who wants to get up and speak more clearly and confidently at their next work meeting, or at public speaking events/competitions?

Previous clients with these goals have included: Team managers, leaders, professional speakers, anyone delivering a speech at an event.

Who wants to learn more about their voice so they can get through their working day without feeling that their voice is exhausted on a daily basis?

Previous clients with these goals have included: Teachers, lecturers, other teaching staff who want to exude more confidence and authority within the education setting. Voice Over Artists, pod-casters, You-tuber's and actors with demanding voice use schedules.

Who wants to build a more positive impact when speaking or presenting at a board meeting, speaking to the press or doing a radio interview?

Previous clients with these goals have included: Development Managers, staff in sales, technical roles and engineers, Leaders in senior positions such a Director or Vice President roles in engineering, Government and politics.

These are just a few of questions to have a think about – is this you? If I haven't mentioned anything you are thinking about, do you fit the category of someone who wants to develop their voice’s potential and move it up a gear? Then just to check, this participatory workshop is for:
  • Gear 1 - those with no previous voice coaching
  • Gear 2 - to those who have had a little coaching or want a refresher

How To Book

If you are Gear 1 or Gear 2, get in touch for current details and get booked on the next course! Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn messenger.
If you are in the higher gears, 3, 4 and 5 (more advanced with previous voice coaching) and recognise yourself above, get in touch, tell me a bit about yourself and I’ll make sure you are on the mail list for future relevant events for you.
I look forward to working with you soon!
All the best and wishing you all plenty of 'Aha!' positive moments,
Kelly Anne Sharp
PS: If you are someone who wants voice coaching privately, rather than a group setting, do get in touch. One-to-one coaching is still available.

For more information on the services I offer in relation to this or other posts, please contact me to book your Voice Work Consultation. 

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