Stay Hydrated - Drink Plenty of Water - Pee Pale!

18th September 2019

Voice Tip Series/Blog - 4

Maintaining adequate hydration is a well-known tip for general health and as well as being good for a healthy body and mind, water is essential to maintaining a healthy voice. 

  • Water helps to keep healthy mucous levels in the vocal tract and vocal folds and therefore aids lubrication. A bit like a well-oiled car, I suppose...
  • A common misconception I come across is people thinking that they are directly wetting their vocal folds when drinking and that will benefit their speaking/singing immediately. If you were to wet them as you drink, you would be choking quite badly as your vocal folds are across your windpipe ('trachea', not your food/drink pipe, 'oesophagus') and act as a last layer of protection to stop food and drink going down into your lungs.  You will gain relief from a dry mouth and back of your throat as you swallow the water, but the water doesn't (or shouldn't) go near your vocal folds. 
  • A good suggestion is for those who speak for most of their day's, eg. teachers and performers, to make sure that you are extra hydrated each day or a few days before a performance. Your body needs the water in your system in order to ensure that your vocal tract is healthy and your vocal folds are nice and plump for optimum voicing!
  • To maintain adequate hydration, avoid or moderate substances that cause dehydration. These include alcohol and fizzy, sugary drinks. 
  • Contrary to the popular belief as I was training in voice, the caffeine in coffee doesn’t actually cause dehydration. It can make some go to the toilet more frequently, but the amount of fluid lost is generally normal for most individuals. Plus, you can replace this lost fluid by drinking a glass of water with your coffee. 
  • Don't forget to increase your water intake when exercising. 
  • Finally, if you are adequately hydrated your urine will be pale. 'Pee pale' is a simple, to the point, phrase that helps people remember this.

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