Lancaster University Internship Work

6th October 2016


Since working with a paid intern on the Lancaster University Internship programme, Voice Work has been making huge changes to the way it operates as a result. The changes have taken a while to implement, and looking back it has been a roller coaster ride. Only now are we fully appreciating the benefit of having had a fabulous intern work for us. This is a post to highly recommend the programme to other businesses and to students.

Do make contact to see if you are eligible for the programme and see if they can help your business too. It was a while back now, so we are on the 'old case studies page - here we are: Voice Work Internship Project Case Study.

At the time we worked on the project with Pam Pickles (Student Employability Manager). She was professional, warm and friendly and we cannot recommend her highly enough. Additionally, the last we heard, the intern who worked for Voice Work has her dream job! Click on the link below to find out more.

Lancaster University Internships

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