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Teresa May's Speech: When Your Voice Lets You Down 

5th October 2017

Blog Post

When Your Voice Lets You Down!

What a voice nightmare! This is not something you want to happen to you if you have an important speech to make.

There are things you can do pre-speech to help if you do have a tickly cold, but not much you can do during if the tickle gets you like it seems here. Plus, the heckler could have made it much worse - and heightened her emotion (fight or flight) during her speech. Not pleasant for anyone.


The picture of the cough remedies she tweeted out after the speech makes me think she may not be using a voice coach currently. These medicated items are not things I would suggest to anyone about to make a speech like that! They can make your throat drier which is not great for a speech. Fine for use if you are off work sick, but things like 'steaming' before the speech, making sure you drink plenty of water the day before (not necessarily on the day, as you don't want to be excusing yourself to go to the loo during events like these!) to make sure you are super hydrated, and other things (another post another time) can really help.

The moral of the story is: If you regularly deliver important speeches, get yourself a fab voice coach in good time! Contact me if you have any speaking engagements coming up and you want to learn about your voice and work on it sounding great. Until then, happy voicing!

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