Voice Care Tips Series

4th October 2018


During September I spent time designing and delivering a series of voice tips to begin helping my followers on social media to get the best out of their voices. The idea came about as every October time people start to get sick with colds and often sore throats and many people plough on regardless of the pain their in and not really knowing what they can do to help themselves. For now I will share these on here, and hopefully move them across to the 'Resources' Section once I get the hang of my website again! They are visual posts meant to share some 'bite size' information each day. The first one...'Hoarsness is not part of any job'.

 If you would like to find out more about how I can help you avoid hoarsness, please get in touch for a FREE telephone consultation. Send a message via contact me or call me on 07857 300362.

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