Can you help?

7th June 2013

Voice Work is looking to see if we can access various funding streams for an employee. If anyone has any information of where we can start looking, please contact us directly. Thank you. 

Enterprise Vision Award

3 June 2013

Thank you for nomination! Someone has just nominated me for an Enterprise Vision Award, ('Young Entrepreneur') the premier female business awards in the North West. Thank you, who ever you are! 

Women in Business Presentation

15 May 2013

I just thought I would share a snap from the Women In Business Chamber of Commerce Presentation I did on 14th May 2013

And your vocal folds are THIS big!'... — at Longlands

Women In Business

26 April 2013

As part of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce's regular events I will be presenting at their Women in Business Networking event on Tuesday 14th May 2013, 12pm to 2pm at The Longlands Hotel, Carnforth.

I will be discussing and demonstrating the joys and intricacies of one of the most powerful and amazing communication tools we possess in business: the human voice.

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Occupational Voice Users Symposium

26 April 2013

Today I attended the UCL Occupational Voice Users Symposium 2013. There was a great turn out with guest speakers arriving from Finland, Sweden and America and Britain. What a great two days of research - I am really looking forward to the next one...    

Jeremy Vine's Voice Revealed...

16 April 2013

World Voice Day 2013 - Jeremy Vine's voice box!!! As part of World Voice Day, the BBC dedicated a week to the voice and this is the day they had a look at Jeremy Vine's voice box...  

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