Fantastic Feedback

3 September 2013

I have just received excellent feedback from a Sales Company in Barnoldwick. 6 month follow up training is to be booked in. A happy sales team, happy directors & happy Voice Work! 

KASH for Charity

16th October 2014

KASH for Charity Concert in aid of Children In Need Concert coming up on 10th November 2012....See poster for more details. 

Thanks to Unite

29 July 2013

The weeks are flying by and the Voice Work Market Research Intern has nearly finished her work with us. She has done some amazing work and I have a lot of follow up to complete from her research.

...for now, for anyone who is interested, this great worker came from the 'Unite with Business Project' (Lancaster University). Thank you to the Unite with Business team and the Intern, let's see where Voice Work goes next!

Click on the link for information and contact details on the Unite for Business project if you would like to see how your business could benefit from hosting an intern. 

Working With The Feud

17 January 2013

Some impromptu voice coaching for two members of 'The Feud' last night. They're off to LA tomorrow to record their album and do some touring. Go have a listen to their material and follow them on their FB page if you like. 

The Feud


2 July 2013

Voice Work is presenting tomorrow evening at Liverpool Independent Practitioners group. The group is run by Dr. Fiona Randall who is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in Contextual Awareness in psychology.

I will be talking about how voice is affected by emotion how we feel about ourselves and the stories we create for ourselves. I will be including practical elements in the talk so that clinicians and practitioners can try out what I am telling them for themselves!

The group meet at 88 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9AR. The cost is £5.

LIPS - Mindfulness Acceptance and Change ........ 

KASH Perform Live on BBC Radio Lancashire

24th September 2012

Live Studio Performance with Kelly performing as part of KASH duo

KASH performing their Children In Need Song 'Out There' live on BBC Radio Lancashire. Sales of the song will begin the same day (technology willing!) and all profits will be going to the Children In Need Charity. Pass it on!!!

There is also going to be a KASH concert in November - again, all profits to go to Children In Need.  

Take a look...

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