Occupational Voice Users Symposium

26 April 2013

Today I attended the UCL Occupational Voice Users Symposium 2013. There was a great turn out with guest speakers arriving from Finland, Sweden and America and Britain. What a great two days of research - I am really looking forward to the next one...    

Jeremy Vine's Voice Revealed...

16 April 2013

World Voice Day 2013 - Jeremy Vine's voice box!!! As part of World Voice Day, the BBC dedicated a week to the voice and this is the day they had a look at Jeremy Vine's voice box...  

Take a look  

All About Voice

8 March 2013

Voice training course tomorrow at Bolton Hospital - all about voice. Being delivered by an ENT specialising in voice who also teaches vocal function at Royal Northern College of Music. Really looking forward to it. Hoping to learn new things to pass onto you all. 

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