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Effective communication using the power of voice!

Your voice is one of your most effective tools in communicating effectively within business and social situations. Why do we invest so little in them? 

The vast majority of our personal and professional limitations are created in our own minds.  We don’t believe in ourselves, so we don’t allow others to believe in us either. When we’re hammering home a point of principle with a glass of wine in hand, let’s face it, we’re invincible.  If only we were as engaging, convincing and beguiling at the presentation podium as we are during dinner party conversation.

Too often we are made aware of our shortcomings in the workplace.  Those who seek to build our performance often chop our confidence at the knees with well-meant feedback.  In today’s high pressure world, it is easy for self-doubt to put big boundary fences around our capacity for success.

Voice Work is the antidote to these everyday personal power failures.

Founded in years of performance work, speech and voice therapy, communication theory and behavioural psychology, the techniques we use build strength of mind as well as strength of voice.  In depth theoretical knowledge is combined with an intuitive understanding of what you need from us, to deliver a virtuoso performance.  Whether you are performing on stage, commanding a room full of your peers or navigating conflict-infested conversations with your team, we can help you build your presence and authority.  As such, we are the absolute antithesis to standardised training that leaves you 10% better at PowerPoint. Papering over the cracks is not our style. 

Voice Work is for people who would rather strengthen the foundations instead.  People confident enough to invest in their own success.  We can’t make you better at your job - you’re good enough already.  But we ‘can’ help you do justice to your own abilities. 

Voice Work.  Being credible takes practice.  

Our website offers services to businesses, individuals, educators and those in performance. Please feel free to navigate our site for more information or contact us to see how we can help you.


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