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Personal Voice Coaching

Would you like to feel more confident about your voice when in social situations? Do you just want to be able to get your voice to carry better when your out with friends or talking on the phone?Maybe you want to apply for a promotion or enhance your career prospects? Or you have to present in an interview situation for a job or university place?

Voice coaching helps you find YOUR voice. We don't work on changing your personality, we work together to empower you to find a voice that feels more authentic to yourself. As your voice develops you may find that your confidence comes across in social and personal areas of your life thus enhancing your well-being. 

Some people come for voice coaching with more personal needs. Many around being heard or understood appropriately, others lack confidence in projecting their much needed authority in senior management positions. Sadly, some just really don't like the sound of their own voice. These are all areas we can work on in the sessions. And we are sure there are many others so please feel free to call us and discuss whether voice coaching would be appropriate for you.

Our services cater for the needs of each individual that we work with. One-to-One voice coaching begins with an initial consultation to a
ssess your voice and evaluate your strengths and requirements. A course is then tailored for you and often takes place over 6 one-to-one sessions (or less if determined in the consultation). Progress is monitored using a learning contract made up of SMART goals to work towards.

Work in our sessions vary depending on your needs and objectives, but generally cover these areas:

  • Body & Breathing
  • Confidence
  • Speech (e.g. specific vocal exercises)
  • Voice Education
  • Performance (relevant to your situation, for example: speaking more confidently on the 'phone)

Some reasons to use voice coaching:

  • Improve the sound of your voice when giving presentations
  • Sound more confident in specific situations - for example on the telephone, in a group or face to face
  • Speak with more power and control when needed (but still sound authentic!)
  • Project your voice efficiently and effectively so that you are heard in social situations
  • Strengthen your voice to last through your working day 

If you're looking to apply voice coaching to business or educational situations, such as teaching or management, you will find more useful information in the business and education pages.

To discuss one-to-one voice coaching further please contact us, or call now on 07857 300362.

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