Kelly Anne The Performer

23 years experience in singing/acting performance and training

Kelly Anne started singing in a choir at the tender age of 6 and she couldn't sing a note in tune! Luckily she had a very patient choir leader who taught her to sing in tune. She then happily discovered many opportunities to perform and progress as a singer/actor. Eventually going on to train in Music Theatre, Kelly Anne covered a wide range of styles, from: gospel, world music, musical theatre, classical, folk, jazz and blues.

The speech and drama classes outside of her singing lessons further developed her passion for communication and voice and after more performance work she went on to train and work as a Speech and Language Therapist. During all that time she gained experience of working with professional singers, toastmasters, teachers and other voice users in both performance and clinical settings. She also loved to travel and work in other countries, developing excellent skills in sales, whilst working for property development companies in Australia and jewellery shops in England. Her passion for performance led her to working within theatre environments for many years both back stage and in marketing and her vast cross section of skills has taught her many skills useful for her work as a voice coach for people in many settings.

Working on development of her own singing and speaking performance and constantly improving and gaining new skills to pass on to her clients is of great importance to Kelly Anne. Below you can read about one of her other projects that have taken place over the life span of Voice Work and hear some original materials written by herself and colleague, Simon Halliday.



'A mini history'

Simon and Kelly Anne formed a duo called KASH. Why KASH? Quite simply they are their initials. When the duo were initially sending off materials to be heard, they would abbreviate their initials and a colleague commented once on how he liked their duo name - it kind of stuck really... so have a listen and let us know what you think.   As a singer and writer Kelly Anne regularly writes material and then looks for people to work on completing it with her. More uptempo material has been written and needs more people to perform it, so it's a working progress!'



Are you looking for a singer / musician?

Kelly Anne is available for live concert performances as well as private or corporate functions. For more information or to make a booking please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!





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