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Spoken Performance Work

Are you looking for private voice coaching to enhance your spoken performance as a radio presenter or newscaster? Or, perhaps you want to explore the potential of your voice some more to expand on your current vocal skills?  Would you like to feel more energy and power in your work as a spoken performer and be able to connect with your audience with more presence? Maybe you just want a quick few 'MOT' sessions for your voice skills or have an audition you want help with?

Whether you enjoy performing with local amateur groups, are a professional performer, on stage or screen, or want extra help to prepare for auditions, Voice Work can help you enhance your vocal technique to whatever level you require.

Professional voice users such as, actors, story tellers and toastmasters, require elite vocal skills and whilst many have had training to perform to such high standards, fine tuning these skills throughout your career is essential - call it 'continuing professional development'. Many amateur performers also enjoy working to this level too. So, from amateurs, students to professional elite vocal performers, we help clients of all ages fine tune their spoken performance voices, improve their confidence and develop their performance skills.

Our services cater for the needs of each individual we work with. All one-to-one voice coaching begins with an initial consultation to assess your voice and determine your strengths and requirements. We can then outline various training options for you and discuss which are best for you and your specific requirements. For example; some client's may need regular weekly sessions for a few months to work towards a certain goal, others may need an intensive block over a shorter period of time, and for those who have already been trained, they may just need a couple of longer sessions to practice a new vocal skill or just free their voice back up again before beginning a new job.

Work in your sessions with me vary depending on your needs and objectives, but generally cover these areas (list not exhaustive):

  • Relaxation, releasing of excessive tension
  • Breath and body connection (anchoring)
  • Breathing and voice connection
  • Breath support for voice projection
  • Resonance and range
  • Articulation
  • Speech work (specific vocal exercises)
  • Performance (relevant to your situation, for example; working through a script you have a block on)
  • Healthy voice use and voice education

Client Performances

Watching our client's perform gives us a great insight into the work you are doing and means we are able to help you more in your sessions. Therefore, keep us up-to-date on your performances so that you can get the best possible service from your coaching.

To discuss one-to-one voice coaching further, please contact us or call us now on 07857 300362 to arrange your FREE telephone consultation.

NB/ We aim to respond quickly to all enquiries so if you do not receive a response within 48 working hours (Monday - Friday) please do call as some emails get lost in spam fighters.









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