Group Work

Your staff members’ voices are one of their most valuable tools for communicating effectively within your company environment, whether that be selling your products or services, or giving after-sales care and advice.

In our fast paced society, it is important for your staff members’ voices to sound clear, confident, knowledgeable and likeable over the telephone or whilst doing a face- to-face consultation. Your staff's voices have the power to determine whether or not your customers receive the correct message. Their voices and the way they come across on the telephone influence the way that your customers feel. 

Voice Work helps individuals find their own authentic voice and help companies find their unique corporate voice to enhance their company image. Voice Work can take your staff to the next level of verbal communication, delivering significant benefits for your business. 

Voice work coaching very much depends on what your business requirements are. For example: do your staff communicate more on the telephone or more face-to-face? Are you more sales or service orientated? Do you receive more inbound or outbound calls? What department needs training - complaints, customer service, sales? Are your staff public facing for a large proportion of the time? These are all the types of things Voice Work would need to establish from our first consultation from which we can tailor make a course to suit your needs. 

Group voice coaching is an excellent way of promoting team building and can be booked in your workplace or as an 'Away Day'. Courses are best kept limited to groups of 6-8 delegates to ensure individual coaching can be given during the day. However, more generic voice training/seminars can be delivered to larger groups. 

Seminars are offered to discuss verbal communication issues and strengths in your workplace and then training can be made directly from these sessions and delivered where appropriate. 

Our courses are made bespoke to suit your team's needs. To give you an idea, some common areas covered are outlined below.


Key Training Aims and Objectives (tailored to group being trained) 

  • To develop a basic understanding of voice and how to care for it

  • To learn to reduce hidden tensions that can interfere with vocal production

  • To learn the communication cycle and its importance in developing rapport with your audience, team members or customers / service users

  • To learn to control speed of delivery for optimum vocal impact and influence (situation dependent)

  • To develop the relevant range of expressive qualities required (for example: to deliver a more dynamic presentation or be empathetic towards a customer with a complaint)

  • Develop key vocal skills to help increase personal impact and speak with more confidence

Benefits of Training for Delegates & Company 

  • Voice coaching gives the delegates a life skill which can carry over to enhance many other work and personal situations

  • Improved knowledge and understanding of voice and how it works gives delegates more confidence in its use

  • Improved listening and rapport building skills increases quality of verbal communication and enhances company image

  • Delegates develop more confidence in verbal communication and learn how to sound more persuasive, dynamic and influential when putting across your company message

  • A more professional image is presented for the company when it's staff are appropriately able to represent them

Review Work 

For any vocal development progress, it is great to, learn the basics, practise in the session with each other and the coach, then practise individually for a few months and have a review about three months later. For some this is enough and no further work is required. Some people like to continue working and developing further progress for more enhanced skills over a longer period of time depending on personal requirements. In group work, the reviews are usually 3 months after initial training in order to check on progress. 

Bespoke Training 

All Voice Work group training courses are tailored to your companies' needs. We just need to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

To discuss group coaching further please contact us,  or call us now on 07857300362 to arrange your FREE telephone consultation or first meeting. You can also email us at

NB/ We aim to respond quickly to all enquiries so if you do not receive a response within 48 working hours (Monday - Friday) please do call as some emails get lost in spam fighters.






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