About Voice Work

Your voice is one of your most effective tools in communicating effectively within business and social situations. Why do we invest so little in them?

Voice coaching teaches people how to use and care for their voice in a healthy, safe way in order to improve its effectiveness and, of course, to sound great. For some voice coaching will just be about learning to speak well in order to get through their working day without getting a sore throat at the end of it. For others voice coaching will also incorporate the performance aspects of speech and presentation. Our services cater for the needs of each individual or group that we work with.

Voice Work

Voice Work was founded in 2010 by Kelly Anne Sharp who has worked in a cross section of industries including sales, vocal performance, coaching and Speech and Language Therapy. She has worked with voices for over 20 years and often hear people say that they wish they could just learn how to use their voice more effectively. Whether it is for the benefit of singing, public speaking, teaching, presentations, or for use within their personal lives each one of these people can benefit from voice coaching.

Kelly Anne founded Voice Work to promote healthy voice use and to work with clients to develop vocal and related non-verbal skills for both personal and professional development. Our passion is in empowering clients to use their voice in a more effective manner thus increasing confidence and enhancing performance.

How can we help you?

If you have a voice, we can help you! Your voice is something you can learn how to master – use it to influence, motivate, inspire, engage, inform, educate, and entertain. Your voice is amazing!

Take a look at the services we offer for more information about how we can help you or contact us to discuss your options.

Promoting healthy voice use

Here at Voice Work, we not only teach you how to sound great and be more authentic when using your voice, we also want people to look after their voices and to enjoy using them, so our methods are built on promotion of healthy voice use.  If you are concerned that you may have a voice problem, then you must contact your GP. However, we are happy to work alongside healthcare professionals with whatever voice requirements you may have.

Range Of Services

We offer a full range of voice coaching services, covering work with children and adults for personal development, performance, business and education sectors. These sessions can be delivered as; private individual coaching, group sessions, workshops and seminars.

Voice Work services cover a wide variety of voice requirements so do feel free to contact us now for prices. For some work, quotations can be given after initial consultation meeting.

Venues vary and we also come out and provide services at your place of work if appropriate. For senior management level clients and beyond, we can offer a more flexible service designed to fit in with your demanding schedule and diary changes. Please ask about our 'Elite Service' when you call to arrange your FREE telephone consultation on 07857 300362.








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