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Voice Work In Education

Voice Work in Education is a service offering schools across the North West bespoke training on verbal and related communication skills. Training is delivered via workshops and one-to-one work. Timings are arranged to work with individual school's timetables. Please contact us, or call us for an initial discussion over the telephone and book an appointment to discuss in more depth. 07857 300362, or email


Workshops for staff and students

The workshops are delivered with an emphasis on healthy voice use and effective verbal communication skills. There are two main workshops, one for educational staff and one for the students.

Staff workshops focus on the need to not only use their voices to motivate, educate and inspire, but also how to last through the working day and each term! 

The student workshops focus on building self-esteem and further developing good verbal communication. Activities work on developing speaking and listening skills through the use of movement, narrative and music. These workshops are designed to help promote general well-being in tandem with developing social skills and learning strategies.


One-to-one Sessions for staff and students

One-to-one voice work with students and staff is great for whatever their personal and professional development needs are. Group work is fantastic for covering general work with small/medium groups and one-to-one work is great for working on individual enhancement of voice (eg. for a special presentation) or development of more personal verbal communication skills. Therefore, you can book Voice Work for a whole or half day to come and work with your students and/or staff to help them with their personal or professional verbal and related development goals. These sessions generally take place during the school day and are very affordable. Contact us, or call us on 07857300362 to find out more.


If you would like some more information or to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, please Contact Us.





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