1 Minute Pitch Training/ Elevator Pitch Training

Are you terrified of getting up to present your elevator pitch at networking events? Or you just want to make sure it sounds even better than it already does? Then book a one off session, bring your pitch along with you and let’s polish that pitch!

An exciting part of networking, (or for some, a necessary evil!) is to present a short pitch to the room. Some people love this and others hate it. It really doesn't have to be the latter and Voice Work can help with this!

Sessions are very directive and last on average 75-90 minutes long depending on the length of the pitch. All one off sessions include a 10 minute telephone call before the session to briefly discuss your requirements and ensure we’re ready to get started. There is also a 10 minute telephone call after your 1st networking event to review how it went. Perhaps you loved your new found confidence in pitch delivery? Booking on a bespoke one-to-one voice coaching course would be the next step to continue development of your skills in enhanced verbal communication.

To discuss this course further please contact us, or call us now on 07857 300362.

NB/ We aim to respond quickly to all enquiries so if you do not receive a response within 48 working hours (Monday - Friday) please do call as some emails get lost in spam fighters.





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