Getting My Priorities Straight - Headset with microphone!

4th May 2020

Voice Tip Series - The Lombard Effect

Getting my priorities straight! Headset with a microphone a must!!!

On the day of lockdown, I had to move into temporary accommodation. I currently don't have any warmer weather work clothes, but I did make sure I had my priorities sorted - workbooks and...a headset with a microphone!

A headset and microphone are one of your most important tools for those working on video and 'phone calls for much of the day. One of the most essential voice tips for the moment. If you can use a headset with a microphone (preferably two earpieces - this was all I could find as everything was sold out) on many of your calls, it really will help save your voice!

As many of us are working from home with others around, with more noise happening in the background, or dealing with the internet cutting in and out, we have an involuntary reflex in which we raise our vocal effort to enhance the audibility of our voice.

This is called the Lombard Effect.

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Cold, Flu and Sore Throat Season - How to Help Reduce Or Eliminate

4th October 2019

Voice Tip Series/Blog - 6

Cold, flu and sore throat season is fast approaching again. Try to eliminate them by treating them AS SOON AS you feel a tickle at the back of your throat. If you miss this part, you may still be able to reduce the length of them. 

Get a decent nights sleep or several! I know for some this is easier said than done, so try shifting your priorities where you can. The more rest and good quality rest you can get whilst you are fighting off any bugs, the better. You need your energy to let your body fight off the bugs in your system.

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If You Want A Healthy Voice - Don't Smoke

25th September 2019

Voice Tip Series/Blog - 5

If you want a healthy voice, don't smoke. Or seriously reduce your habit.

There is lots of help available if you want to give up. Your local pharmacy is a great place to start. 

There are lots of health reasons to not smoke and these are covered in a multitude of places, so here is just a little bit of information on what happens to your voice if you smoke.

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Stay Hydrated - Drink Plenty of Water - Pee Pale!

18th September 2019

Voice Tip Series/Blog - 4

Maintaining adequate hydration is a well-known tip for general health and as well as being good for a healthy body and mind, water is essential to maintaining a healthy voice. 

  • Water helps to keep healthy mucous levels in the vocal tract and vocal folds and therefore aids lubrication. A bit like a well-oiled car, I suppose...

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Your Voice Is Closely Linked To Emotion

13th September 2019

Voice Tip Series/Blog - 3 

Have you ever tried hiding sadness over the telephone, only to have a good friend immediately ask 'What's wrong?'. 

Our emotions give us away most of the time. Face-to-face, our good friends are likely to tell that we are upset, but we may be able to hide it more in other face-to-face interactions. Our emotions affect the way that we move, sit, stand, walk, talk and in the way we communicate with others. Our muscles tighten or release in response to the various chemicals entering or leaving our bodies and the tension, or released sounds, are also apparent in our voice.

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Using Your Voice Regularly? Learn Voice Care

11th September 2019

Voice Care Tips Series - Tip 2

This post is to get you to think about what you use your voice for on a daily and regular basis, so you can look more at the tips that may help you. 

Learn How To Use Your Voice

There are many people who are in very obvious voice use positions such as; voice-over artists, actors, broadcasters, professional public speakers, and those in teaching positions and these people can struggle to last through the day with their speaking voice and think this is okay. It's not okay for your voice.

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