Voice Care Tips Series

4th October 2018


During September I spent time designing and delivering a series of voice tips to begin helping my followers on social media to get the best out of their voices. The idea came about as every October time people start to get sick with colds and often sore throats and many people plough on regardless of the pain their in and not really knowing what they can do to help themselves. For now I will share these on here, and hopefully move them across to the 'Resources' Section once I get the hang of my website again! They are visual posts meant to share some 'bite size' information each day. The first one...'Hoarsness is not part of any job'.

 If you would like to find out more about how I can help you avoid hoarsness, please get in touch for a FREE telephone consultation. Send a message via contact me or call me on 07857 300362.

Teresa May's Speech: When Your Voice Lets You Down 

5th October 2017

Blog Post

When Your Voice Lets You Down!

What a voice nightmare! This is not something you want to happen to you if you have an important speech to make.

There are things you can do pre-speech to help if you do have a tickly cold, but not much you can do during if the tickle gets you like it seems here. Plus, the heckler could have made it much worse - and heightened her emotion (fight or flight) during her speech. Not pleasant for anyone.

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Dragon's Den BBC2 - Preparing Your Voice and Speech For Pitching 

25th August 2017

Blog Post

With Dragons Den back on BBC2, it got me thinking about the next round of applicants and for those who are yet to appear this year and want to prepare some more...

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Lancaster University Management School - Entrepreneur in Residence & Honorary Teaching Fellow

3rd May 2017

News Update

I am honoured to have been invited to become one of Lancaster University Management School's (LUMS) newest Entrepreneurs in Residence and Honorary Teaching Fellows. I am looking forward to my residency, particularly engaging with staff and students as part of the EiR programme and working with the University, providing high quality voice work coaching and workshops for individuals, relevant departments and groups.

Lancaster University Internship Work

6th October 2016


Since working with a paid intern on the Lancaster University Internship programme, Voice Work has been making huge changes to the way it operates as a result. The changes have taken a while to implement, and looking back it has been a roller coaster ride. Only now are we fully appreciating the benefit of having had a fabulous intern work for us. This is a post to highly recommend the programme to other businesses and to students.

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The 12th International Voice Symposium, Salzburg 2016

9th September 2016

News Update

I was very pleased to have been able to attend the Voice Symposium in Salzburg, Austria this year with the central theme, 'Voice and the Brain'. The schedule was intense and it was wonderful to update myself with some of the latest research. With such a large programme, the focus was on attending the seminars relating to and surrounding: voices in high levels of performance, performance anxiety, some of the latest technology and Voice Work's original starting point - promotion of healthy voice use and working on developing effective and enhanced voices.

Kelly Anne

International Voice Symposium 2016

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