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14th February 2019 

Voice Tips Blog

Love your voice. It's the only one you've got. Take care of it. Warm it up if you’re using it often throughout your day. Love it at its worst, at its best and in-between. If you regularly have trouble with your voice, go get it checked by a laryngologist (via your GP). If you’re just not really in love with your voice, think about times you don't really dwell on it and those times you do not love it.

What is happening in the situations where you’re not dwelling on it?
Are you happy and relaxed working a job you like, or at home with family and friends just chilling out?

What is happening when you’re noticing you’re not loving it?
Are you working in a new job that you’re getting used to? Feeling like your voice is letting you down? Are you talking to a room full of students or conference delegates and struggling to be heard, or your voice is cracking? Do you think your voice is too high or too low? I could go on, but I've a busy afternoon ahead so I'll be brief (ish).

1.     Release… let go… and love it

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Your Voice Is Closely Linked To Emotion

15th October 2018

Voice Tip/ Mini Blog

Have you ever tried hiding sadness over the telephone, only to have a good friend immediately ask 'What's wrong?'. 

Yes, our emotions give us away most of the time. Face-to-face, our good friends are likely to tell that we are upset, but we may be able to hide it more in other face-to-face interactions. Our emotions affect the way that we move, sit, stand, walk, talk and in the way we communicate with others. Our muscles tighten or release in reponse to the various chemicals entering or leaving our bodies and the tension, or released sounds, are also apparent in our voice. In particular, over the telephone when we cannot see the other person, we naturally tend to pay more attention to our auditory senses to 'listen' to the other person and we are far more likely to pick up cues on how the other person is feeling, even strangers. 

A great example of how we 'hear' emotion, is to think of young babies and their parent/primary care givers. The baby can be in another room fast asleep, wake up and cry and the parent/carer knows what that specific cry means;

  • Turn me over (I'm stuck on my front!)
  • Help! I need a nappy change fast!
  • I want to be fed!
  • Attention! I need attention, just a hug will do!
  • I don't feel well!

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Using Your Voice Regularly? Learn Voice Care

8th October 2018

Voice Tip 

This post is to get you to think about what you use your voice for on a daily and regular basis. There are many people who are in very obvious voice use positions such as; voice over artists, actors, broadcasters, professional public speakers, and those in teaching positions and these people can struggle to last through the day with their speaking voice and think this is okay. It's not okay for your voice. If you fall into this category, without help, your voice can get into alsorts of problems and potentially create problems for your career. Other people use their voices quite a lot in their work or during the course of their hobbies, and don't really realise it until they lose their voice due to something like a nasty virus, or just overuse, misuse or even 'abuse'; the latter refers to using your voice, too often, too loudly and too much! 


Learn How To Use Your Voice

Take some time to consider all the speaking you do in your days and weeks, follow these voice tips and contact me if you would like more specific help.

For more information on the services I offer in relation to this or other posts, please contact me to book your Voice Work Consultation. 

World Smile Day 

5th October 2018

Voice Tip 

It's World Smile Day today - Smile and the whole world smiles with you! Smiling not only shows others that you are feeling happy, it also helps your voice sound great too!

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you make your voice sound amazing, please get in touch. 

For more information on the services I offer in relation to this or other posts, please contact me to book your Voice Work Consultation. 

Voice Care Tips Series

4th October 2018


During September I spent time designing and delivering a series of voice tips to begin helping my followers on social media to get the best out of their voices. The idea came about as every October time people start to get sick with colds and often sore throats and many people plough on regardless of the pain their in and not really knowing what they can do to help themselves. For now I will share these on here, and hopefully move them across to the 'Resources' Section once I get the hang of my website again! They are visual posts meant to share some 'bite size' information each day. The first one...'Hoarsness is not part of any job'.

 If you would like to find out more about how I can help you avoid hoarsness, please get in touch for a FREE telephone consultation. Send a message via contact me or call me on 07857 300362.

Teresa May's Speech: When Your Voice Lets You Down 

5th October 2017

Blog Post

When Your Voice Lets You Down!

What a voice nightmare! This is not something you want to happen to you if you have an important speech to make.

There are things you can do pre-speech to help if you do have a tickly cold, but not much you can do during if the tickle gets you like it seems here. Plus, the heckler could have made it much worse - and heightened her emotion (fight or flight) during her speech. Not pleasant for anyone.

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